The yard undertook four big projects over the winter season.

Feadship has recently delivered four Feadships back to their owners after undertaking an extensive refit on each, bringing them back to like-new condition. Aurora, Cipitouba, Drizzle and Tatasu all underwent work at the hands of the Dutch yard, varying from entire engine room rebuilds to interior face lifts.

The 50-metre Aurora spent eight months in the Dutch yard’s Makkum facility. Launched in 1992, the yacht was delivRefit ered back to her owners at the end of May having undergone work to bring her up to impressive modern standards, belying her age.


The 40-metre Cipitouba underwent more involved work. Launched in 2002 as Seaflower, the yacht spent September to June undergoing work including new generators, and a new electrical power management system with main switchboard and a new alarm & monitoring system. The interior work was also extensive, including a new main deck salon and dining room and a bridge deck lounge. New marble was installed as well as a modern AV/IT and CCTV system.

Outside the Netherlands, the Dutch yard also managed to work on its fleet, which included Drizzle and Tatasu. The 2012 Feadship Drizzle spent the winter at MB92 in Barcelona where her swim platform was extended by 1.5-metres to give the yacht a new length of 68.77-metres. The yacht was given a new paint job and the sundeck was modified to include gym equipment. There was also work done to the interior spaces.


48-metre Tatasu has enjoyed two lots of refit work, bringing the 1994 yacht up to the highest modern standards. Tatasu is lucky to still have her original owners, and they took the yacht to Palma over the 2015/2016 winter for Feadship to install a passenger lift, modernise systems and build a new seating area and outside ceilings on the bridge deck. In September 2016 the yacht returned to Makkum for more significant works, including a complete engine room rebuild including engines and generators, creating a control room, a hull repaint and renewing the exterior ceilings on the main deck. After being relaunched in April, the yacht underwent sea trials in the North Sea before heading off back to the Mediterranean for summer.

Feadship has announced that it already has two big refit projects booked in for the coming winter, and is expecting that to grow by the time the season ends.