Benetti's Vivace 125 Iron Man echoes her young owner's fondness for the comic book hero, and she's packed with features that even billionaire inventor and engineer Tony Stark would approve of.

The 38.1-metre Iron Man, designed by Stefano Righini, is part of Benetti’s Fast Displacement range – she’s capable of a 24-knot top speed with her D2P (displacement to planing) hull. She has an aggressive exterior, with the angles and jags softened by the delicious arch over the upper deck. Miami-based designer Alfred Karram Jr – for whom this is a first yacht – created the interior. “The client has seen several of my properties before,” he says. “After 30 years of doing residences, it was going to be a learning curve for me, going to sea from land. But this is where the team at Benetti were really helpful. They always started with my idea and we went from there. Originally, I wanted onyx for the wall feature in the owner’s cabin, but that was too heavy. So it is now in resin. They key thing was that I was able to get my aesthetic into the yacht. I didn’t want it to feel like a boat, but rather a state-of-the-art residence.”

Benetti's Iron ManHe adds: “The space is modern, fresh and clean. The client loves an impactful feel.” The main salon (above) certainly delivers that, with bookmatched, oversized granite tiles over much of the floor, and a startling feature piece on the wall behind the dining area: silver and black aluminium tiles provide the base for a striking crimson sun artwork by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi.

Benetti's Iron Man
“The goal of the design concept for the Iron Man project was to create a one-of-a-kind space that would boast a highly innovative modern aesthetic through the use of sharp and dramatic geometries via the use of unique materials and finishes,” Alfred says. Even the main-deck day head boasts resin encased agate for a striking visual effect (above).

Benetti's Iron ManForward on the main deck, the owner’s suite benefits from the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. The colour palette is the same, with light greys dominant, but the sculpted suede walls in darker grey add a warm and sensual element. A resin panel around the TV has been created by artist Alex Turco.

Benetti's Iron ManOne of the biggest surprises is on the deck above, in the area where you’ll almost always find an upper deck lounge: it has been fashioned as a spacious gym. “A full service, state-of-the-art gym was one of the dictates. It’s a big part of the clients’ daily regime. I wanted to create a very hi-tech and functional case,” says Alfred. “We had to raise the ceilings to port and starboard for when people are on the equipment. We’ve included a special work-out floor, which is specially made for gyms.”

Benetti's Iron ManOn the lower deck, there are two double suites and two twins (she sleeps ten in all), with similar colours throughout the guest areas. The main staircase appears has black leather treads with glass risers that have been cleverly back lit.

Benetti's Iron Man Outside spaces have been configured to give guests plenty of options, with dining on the upper deck under the shade of the sundeck overhang. The angled tea decking, which converges on the centreline, is an intriguing change from traditional fore-and-aft arrangements.

Benetti's Iron Man On the sundeck, there’s a hot-tub, plenty of scope for sunbathing, and dining under the hardtop, while the beach area has its own bar. “The sundeck is one of the client’s favourite spaces,” says Alfred.