Ulysses is one of those yachts that looks like a standard superyacht upon first glance from the dock, but which once you’ve been on board and seen the uniquely quirky details that pop up all the way through it, you see it in a completely different light. From the inspiration behind the unusually coloured superstructure to the dramatic range of artworks inside and the menacing, powerful sculptures on the decks, this is a yacht that immediately ignites your curiosity.

Although the 56-metre, which launched in 2012, is for charter, the owner’s tastes are proudly on display everywhere: nowhere has he styled down his own preferences out of concern for catering for the tastes of charter guests. “When we showed the yacht recently, somebody who knew him said: ‘I can recognise the owner’s taste in every detail’,” says project manager, Benetti’s Marco De Cosmo.

The area is also a showcase for the yacht’s sumptuous detail. “The eye is constantly drawn to the many rich details that you find on board,” says De Cosmo. “Custom-made embossed leather ceilings, sculptured wool and silk carpets, alabaster ceiling-mounted chandeliers and gold-plated handles and knobs were all chosen by the owner to add to the richness of every space.”

The yacht is just beginning its second season of chartering through Fraser Yachts in the Western Med, where she charters all year round. Whether you’re attracted by the musical salon, the ferocious sculptures, the royal palace-like interior or the multifaceted relaxation areas, or you just want to race around the colourful hull on the water toys, one thing is for certain: on a charter on this yacht, you’ll never get bored.