The best insight into the world of superyachts is through the owners themselves. Here are some of the conversations we had with them in 2016.

1. 11.11 – 63m, Benetti

“Overall we’re really happy with what we’ve achieved. We did a lot. One of the most memorable parts for me was the launch. I went with my wife and Benetti had a Roman Catholic priest bless the yacht. It was very beautiful with all the Italian music and then the British national anthem, and it was all very unexpected. I thought it was just going to be putting the boat in the water, but in fact it turned into a very emotional day!” says the owner of 11.11.

Amels Elixir

2. Elixir – 55m, Amels

” A yacht is the ultimate in relaxation, and cruising is the most relaxing form of travel. This yacht is like a second home to me. I had eight weeks on board last summer after we took delivery. It was an extensive tryout,” says the owner of Elixir.



3. Rock.It – 60.4m, Feadship

“When the doors slide open on the main deck, everytime I get in there it just blows me away!” says the owner of  Rock.It. “When I’m 0n board and I just look around at everything, it’s so stimulating and it’s just so awesome. I love it!”


4. Tenaz – 40m, Pendennis

“Every day when I’m on the rail and looking out, I find myself thinking, ‘Does it get any better than this?’ I find it hard to identify the feeling exactly, but I have the wonderful sense that there’s nothing more enjoyable, relaxing, engaging and inspiring!” says the owner of Tenaz.

Fort Lauderdale

5. Kismet – 95m, Lurssen

“My goal for Kismet was to create a yacht that many years from now will be timeless and yet still be ahead of its time. I wanted to balance awesome with welcoming. Walt Disney once famously said, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ When you experience Kismet, you know this to be true. And for that Lurssen should be extremely proud,” says the owner of Kismet.

Atlante inset 2

6. Atlante – 54.8m, CRN

“I enjoyed the development of the creative project greatly, working closely with the team. I wanted to build the boat in Italy and to find partners that would understand, respect and translate my vision perfectly. I found in Dan Lenard and CRN the best partners as they didn’t ask me to negotiate my ideas!” says the owner of Atlante. “Ancient Atlante, according to myth, was Poseidon’s son, and I like to think of the yacht as my sea deity vehicle: a contemporary yacht matching my liefstyle.”


7. Suerte – 69.3m, Tankoa

“The upper deck is everyone’s favourite space,” says the owner of Suerte. “I live in a cold country, and for us the beauty of a yacht is to be outside. Paszkowski designed this place in a manner that we can eat and dine outside even when it is chilly as the deck is very protected.”


8. Ann G – 49.6, Heesen

“I knew from the beginning that I wanted to build something different and new that would be impressive in four years’ time. I didn’t find anything suitable for me and decided to create my own project, together with the talented designer Clifford Denn. We worked on it for around a year and I’m very happy with the result we achieved. One of the things we tried to achieve with the designers was to create comfort in all areas. What I like most on board is that she is very cozy, everywhere,” says the owner of Ann G.