The latest project from the Turquoise yard is a 56-metre diesel-electric-powered explorer designed by Andre Hoek with a traditional exterior

With her pronounced sheer, canoe stern and rounded bow for nudging through the ice, the Turquoise 56M has a robustly traditional feel and is certainly a yacht that is designed to go places. She will be Ice Class A and RINA classified to take on cruising at northerly and southerly extremities. The Turquoise yard describes the external styling by Andre Hoek as “somewhat reminiscent of classic steamships”, adding that “she has optimal seakeeping characteristics and will be equipped with IMO Tier III diesel-electric propulsion”. She’ll be driven by a large-diameter single propeller.

“Her hull shape was extensively optimised with computational fluid dynamics programs in order to create a yacht with low resistance and low fuel consumption,” says Andre Hoek. The build started at the end of last summer, with delivery planned for February 2019. Features include under-deck storage for two tenders, satcom equipment integrated in the composite funnel, a touch-and-go helipad, and stowage under the deck for two tenders served by retractable cranes. The teak-cladded aluminium deckhouse adds to the traditional vibe.

Interior styling is by Hoek office in co-operation with the Vickers Studio. “The contemporary interior is subtlety classic with teak detailing,” the yard says. “There will be intimate, cozy indoor spaces as well as expansive, open deck spaces for relaxation.” Owners representation and project management is from Master Yachts.